Helpers is scope that provides some global tools that developers use to define simple element behavior which cannot be treated as element-specific. According to tendency to code elements location independent, these rules cannot be included within element (object or module) style rules.

So considering written above, we separated them as isolated classes which can be added to any element to bring needed effect. They can be appraised as a global modifier classes.

Obviously, each developer has own helpers or something that makes life easier. So feel free to add anything you feel considerable to helpers.sass

         .right {
           float: right;

         .left {
           float: left;

         .center {
           margin-left: auto;
           margin-right: auto;

         .relative {
           position: relative;

         .hidden {
           display: none;

         .by-left {
           text-align: left;

         .by-right {
           text-align: right;

         .by-center {
           text-align: center;

         .fittogrid {
           max-width: 100%;